Testing AS-6.5 Concrete Self Loading Mixer Before Exporting to Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Congratulations! One unit of AS-6.5 self loading concrete mixer truck was ready to export to Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. In general, every self loading mixer would be strictly tested before delivery to global customers. Here are some testing pictures and videos in the Aimix factory. Please check them below.

Testing Details of AS-6.5 Self Loading Mixer Truck

After manufacturing and assembling it, Aimix engineers would simply test it in the factory. The operator would drive the self-loader mixer to the testing construction sites. Load the raw material, like sand and gravel into the drum. He would check the weighing accuracy of the scale. Then Transport it from one place to another. During the transportation, the mixer drum would rotate to mix the material. Later he would control the joystick to discharge the mixed concrete mixture.

Testing AS-6.5 Self -loading Mixer in Factory

During the testing process, the engineer would check the working status of the whole truck. In a word, we need to confirm that the self loading mixer has stable performance before exporting.

Why Did Customer Choose AS-6.5 Self Loader Mixer?

In the beginning, the customer inquired about the concrete batching plant for his house construction projects. Because he mainly needs the machine for self-using to produce a fresh concrete mixture. After checking the catalog of Aimix construction machines, he thought the self-loading mixer is also under consideration. Then our sales have sent his a quotation of AS-5.5 self-loader mixer. While he thought it is a little smaller than he expected. Thus, we sent a quotation for AS-6.5 self loading mixer. He was satisfied and decided to purchase this model for his project.

AS-6.5 Self Loader Mixer Testing And Debugging

Thus, if you wanna produce concrete mixture for house or building construction projects, there are many machine choices in Aimix Group, such as self loading concrete mixer, concrete batching plant, concrete mixer pump, etc. If you are not sure to choose which one, you can contact our sales for advice right now! Contact us through email, tel and WhatsApp now!

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