Three Sets of Self Loading Concrete Mixers Were Exported to Alatum, Kazakhstan

Congratulations! AIMIX Group has exported another three sets of self loading concrete mixers to Alatum, Kazakhstan in August, 2021. Before that, AIMIX exported over 30 sets of self loading mixers to Kazakhstan market. The concrete mixer self loading is well-received among customers. They can use it for various kinds of construction projects, such as roads, bridges, buildings, roads etc.

Exporting Self Loading Mixers to Alatum, Kazakhstan
Exporting Self Loading Mixers to Alatum, Kazakhstan

After confirming the customers’ requirements, we began to manufacture them in factory. After testing and debugging them, then we arranged to deliver them to Kazakhstan. Here are some loading pictures in factory.

Self Loading Mixers Ready to Alatum, Kazakhstan
Manufaturing Self Loading Mixers in Factory
Loading Mixers in Factory

The AS-2.6 and AS-3.5 self loading concrete mixers are popular models of self loading mixers. With medium capacity, they are suitable for rural and urban construction projects. In addition, customers can get quick returns. Therefore, they are really deserved to be invested. If you are interested in our equipment, welcome to contact us for best price. Email: WhatsApp: +8615637392580.

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