Transporting Aimix AS-3.5C Self Loading Mixer to Ecuador

Good news! Aimix AS-3.5C self-loading concrete mixer was ready to load and transport to Ecuador after finishing testing in the Aimix factory in Oct 2022. We have taken some pictures and videos of the self-loading mixer during the loading process. Check them below.

Loading Self Loader Mixer to Ecuador

Cooperation of Aimix with The Ecuador Customer

  • In the beginning, the client found our self-loading mixer through a google search. At the first sight, he has attracted by the Aimix self-loading mixer. Thus, he left an inquiry message about his requirements for a self-loading mixer.
  • Then, our sale communicated with him the exact requirements. We knew that he was a middleman selling concrete machines. One of his customers in Ecuador wanted to buy a self-loading mixer from his company. Thus, he intended to buy one from us.
  • It is his first time purchasing concrete products from Aimix. If his customer in Ecuador is satisfied with the self-loading mixer, he would consider repurchasing the machines from Aimix.

Finishing Loading self loading Concrete Mixer

Choose AS-3.5B or AS-3.5C

During communication, the client was interested in the AS-3.5 self-loading concrete mixer truck. While, for one model, we have manufactured different styles with different configurations that can meet various customer’s requirements. In addition, the prices are also different. The customer can choose one according to the construction demands and his budget. The customer was confused about which one to buy between AS-3.5B and AS-3.5C. Here are the main differences between them.

  • AS-3.5B: 4 wheels at the front, 2 wheels at the back;
  • AS-3.5C: 4 wheels at the front, 2 wheels at the back; The driving cab can rotate synchronously with the mixing drum

Loading Concrete Mixer Drum

Apart from these models, we also have AS-3.5A and AS-3.5D for choice. If you are interested in the AS-3.5 self-loading concrete mixer, welcome to contact our sales for details. Then our sales would reply to you as soon as possible!

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