Transporting AS-3.5C Self Loading Transit Mixer to Semey, Kazakhstan

Good news! In August 2022, another unit of AS-3.5C self-loading transit mixer was ready to export to the Kazakhstan customer. The customer can’t wait for receiving his mixer truck. Therefore, we arranged for delivery after testing it at the Aimix factory. Here are some pictures of equipment testing.

Transporting AS-3.5C Self Loading Transit Mixer to Semey, Kazakhstan

Communication On Equipment Selection

1. After communication, we knew that the customer need the machine mainly for his road construction project in Kazakhstan.

2. In the beginning, he requested a quote on the AJY-25 mobile concrete plant. Because he needs road construction and repair in different rural areas. The equipment has the feature of flexible movement.

3. According to the customer’s requirements, we recommended that the AS-3.5 self-loading mixer was more suitable for his project, which also could be regarded as a mini mobile concrete plant on-site.

4. After comparison, he took our advice and decided to invest in the AS-3.5C self-loading concrete truck mixer for the project.

Exporting AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer to Semey, Kazakhstan
Delivering AS-3.5 Self Loader Transit Mixer to Semey, Kazakhstan

Why AS-3.5C for Road Construction Project?

1. Save costs. Both mobile concrete plant and self-loading mixer has the same function of concrete production. While the price of self-loading mixer is more cheaper. Moreover, it just needs one container to transport, which also has save transportation costs.

2. Save labor. After setting up the mini mobile concrete plant on-site, it still needs several operators to operate the equipment. While it just spends one person in the cab operating the self loading mixer truck.

Thus, it is wise for the customer to use the self loading concrete mixer for his road construction project after comparison between them.

AS-3.5 Self-loading Mixer Truck to Semey, Kazakhstan

Most customers would like to choose the most cost-effective machine to improve working efficiency. Our sales will also recommend more suitable products to customers based on this principle. If you also wanna invest in one for different projects, welcome to contact us! Our sale would help you analyze ROI and maximize investment benefits. Contact us through the inquiry form, email, and WhatsApp! Then we would reply to you as soon as possible!

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