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Two Sets of AIMIX 2.6m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixers Have Been Delivered to The Philippines

Good news! AIMIX Group has exported 2 units of self loading concrete mixers to the Philippines in 30th, June, 2020. Customers are so trusted us that he made orders immediately after the whole country was back to work. He said it has wasted a lot of time during the epidemic period. After comparing AS1.8 and AS2.6, he decided to buy two sets of AS2.6 self loading mixers to improve working efficiency, which can speed up the construction period.

AS2.6 Self Loading Concrete Mixer
AS2.6 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Why to Use AIMIX Self Loading Mixer for Your Projects?

1. Just need 2 workers, which can save a lot of labour

2. It equals with several equipment, wheel loader, concrete mixer and concrete truck. Because it can realize self loading, batching, mixing and discharging.

3.Investors will get returns quickly about 3 months.

4. AIMIX self loading mixer has weighing system, which can control material ratio. Therefore, the quality of concrete is excellent.

Driving Cab
Driving Cab
Self Loader Mixer
Self Loader Mixer
Loading Mixer
Loading Mixer

In AIMIX, we have made different capacities of self loading mixers for sale, including AS1.2, AS1.8, AS2.6, AS3.5, AS4.0, AS5.5 and AS6.5. Any interest? Please consult our professional sales team for details: Then we will reply you in 12 hours.




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