Ways to Avoid The Concrete Pump Pipe Blockage

The main factors affecting the permeability of concrete are types of cement, admixtures and admixtures, slump, aggregate gradation, shape, particle size, and mix ratio. When determining the mix ratio of pumped concrete, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of pipeline pressure and deal with it in terms of cement dosage, slump, slump loss, setting time, sand rate, etc. At the same time, it is necessary to focus on the causes that easily induce pump tube blockage and focus on prevention to reduce the occurrence of pump tube blockage.

Cleaning The Concrete Pump Pipe

Methods to Avoid The Concrete Pump Pipe Blockage

1. After the concrete pump is started, the first thing is that pump an appropriate amount of water to wet the hopper of the concrete pump, the mesh, the wall of the delivery pipe, etc., which are directly in contact with the concrete.

2. For the supply of concrete, it is necessary to ensure that the concrete pump machine for conveying concrete can work continuously. During pumping, the hopper has enough concrete in it to prevent blockage due to the intake of air.

3. The delivery pipeline should be straight, with slow turns and tight joints to prevent slurry leakage at the joints of the pump pipes.

Pipeline Blockage

4. Before pumping the concrete, firstly pump the cement mortar with the same mix ratio except for the coarse aggregate.

5. Piston keeps running at a full stroke while pumping concrete.

6. When starting to pump, the concrete pump is at a slow, uniform speed and can be reversed at any time. The pumping speed should be slow at first and then fast, gradually accelerating. At the same time, observe the pressure of the concrete pump and the working conditions of each system. After each system is running smoothly, it can be pumped at a normal speed.

7. Before arranging for pumping, you should go to the site to observe the pumping conditions such as terrain, horizontal distance, and vertical height, and choose a suitable concrete pump, so as not to choose a concrete pump whose pumping pressure does not meet the requirements, resulting in pumping. The bursting pipe and delivery pipe size should be selected according to the requirements of coarse aggregate, so as to avoid pipe blockage caused by improper selection. It is still necessary to arrange the position of each pump tube to minimize the number of elbows.

Hope these methods can help you solve the problems of concrete pump pipeline blockage. If you also have other questions, welcome to consult us for advice.

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