What is Concrete Pump?

What is a concrete pump? A concrete pump is a machine used in construction projects to transfer liquid concrete (also known as ready-mixed concrete) from a self loading concrete mixer, concrete mixer truck, or concrete batching plant to the desired location on a construction site. It is a critical tool for efficiently and precisely delivering concrete to areas that may be difficult to access or require long-distance transportation.What is a concrete pump

Typically, a concrete pump comprises a receiving chamber or hopper where the concrete is initially gathered, along with a network of pipes or hoses that enable the concrete to be pumped and conveyed to its designated destination. Equipped with hydraulic components and mechanisms, the pump generates pressure to propel the concrete through the conduits effectively. Let’s check popular types of concrete pumps for sale in the market first.

How Many Types of Concrete Pumps in The Market?

Concrete pumps can be categorized into two main types based on their placement method, including popular line concrete pumps and boom concrete pumps in the market.

Line pumps use a series of pipes and hoses to transport and place the concrete, while boom pumps have a connected boom with integrated pipes for immediate reach without needing a separate line system.

Here I will introduce you to two types of concrete pumps in detail.

what is a line pump

What is A Line Pump?

What is a concrete line pump? Indeed, the line pump is installed on a trailer or placed on the ground at the construction site. The trailer concrete pump uses a series of pipes or hoses to transport the concrete to the desired location.

The pipes are joined together to form a line system, allowing the concrete to be pumped and directed to the desired location.

It is commonly used for projects that require concrete placement over relatively shorter distances or in areas with limited access.

Hot-sale Line Pumps in AIMIX

AIMIX offers a variety of hot-sale line concrete pumps known for their durability and reliable performance. Here are brief descriptions of some popular models: 40 m3/h(ABT40C), 60 m3/h(ABT60C), and 80 m3/h(ABT80C) diesel line pumps.

ABT40C Line Concrete Pump
ABT40C Line Pump
ABT60C Diesel Line Pump
ABT60C Diesel Line Pump
ABT80C Diesel Line Concrete Pump
ABT80C Diesel Line Concrete Pump

Many global clients have bought AIMIX stationary concrete pumps for different uses. With a long service life, all clients can reuse it for at least 10 years for different kinds of projects. Here I have listed some possible application scenarios of line pumps for reference.

Common Applications of Line Concrete Pumps

  • Residential construction sites (houses, apartments)
  • Commercial buildings (office complexes, shopping malls, hotels)
  • Industrial projects (factories, warehouses, manufacturing facilities)
  • Infrastructure development (roads, bridges, tunnels)
  • Municipal projects (public parks, schools, hospitals)
  • High-rise construction (multi-story buildings)
  • Renovation and remodeling projects
  • Foundation and basement construction
  • Pool and spa installations
  • Landscaping and hardscaping projects


Infrastructure development - Tunnel
Infrastructure development – Tunnel

Line concrete pump used for Industrial projects - warehouse construction

aimix line concrete pump for Foundation and basement construction

Line pumps for Commercial buildings - Hotel construction

What is Boom Pump?

What is a concrete boom pump? Boom pumps are mounted on a truck with a robotic arm, known as a boom, which can be maneuvered and extended to reach the target location.

The boom allows for precise placement of the concrete, even at high-rise construction sites or locations with obstacles.

They are particularly useful for projects that require concrete placement at varying heights, and long-distance conveying. Check its wide applications below.

Popular Boom Concrete Pumps in AIMIX

To meet clients’ construction demands, AIMIX has produced different models of boom pumps for sale, such as 26m, 30m, 33m, 38m, 40m, 47m, 50m, and 58m.

30m boom concrete pump
30m Boom Pump
What is 42m Boom Pressure Concrete Pump
42m Boom Concrete Pump
What is 50m Boom Pump
50m Boom Pump

Apart from that, AIMIX also has launched a series of boom pumps with an additional mixing function. We call it a truck mounted mixer pump with a boom. You can select the right one according to its function.

Wide Application Sites for Boom Concrete Pumps

  • High-rise construction projects
  • Large-scale infrastructure projects (bridges, tunnels, dams)
  • Commercial buildings with complex architectural designs
  • Construction of stadiums and sports facilities
  • Industrial construction (factories, power plants)
  • Construction of tall structures (chimneys, towers)
  • Bridge deck construction and repairs
  • Remote or hard-to-reach construction sites
  • Construction projects with challenging access or terrain
  • Civil engineering projects involving extensive concrete pouring


Please check AIMIX boom pump application videos below:

Considerations Before Choosing Between Boom Pump and Line Pump

Based on the above suggestions on their applications, you can primarily make sure to choose which kind of concrete pump. Apart from the applications, the truck mounted concrete pumps and line concrete pumps differ primarily in their mobility, reach capabilities, and investment budgets that you need to pay more attention to.


Boom pumps are mounted on trucks, allowing them to be easily transported to different construction sites. They can be driven to the site and set up quickly, making them highly mobile and suitable for projects that require frequent relocation.

In contrast, stationary or line concrete pumps are typically installed on a trailer or placed on the ground at the construction site. They are not designed for frequent mobility and are better suited for projects where concrete delivery is required in a fixed location.

what is boom pump

Reach Capability

Boom concrete pumps are equipped with a boom, which can be extended and maneuvered to reach the desired location. The boom can have multiple sections and articulation points, allowing it to reach over obstacles or access high-rise structures. This makes boom pumps ideal for projects that require precise concrete placement in challenging locations. It can reach

On the other hand, stationary concrete pumps use a system of pipes or hoses to transport the concrete. While they may have limited reach compared to boom pumps, they are effective for delivering concrete over shorter distances or to locations with simpler access requirements

what is concrete pump trailer


Boom concrete pumps are typically more expensive than line concrete pumps due to their additional features and capabilities, such as the extendable boom arm. The investment budget for boom pumps can range from tens of thousands to several hundred thousand dollars, depending on the boom length, pump capacity, and brand. AIMIX brand boom pumps’ price is at least $80000.

However, line concrete pumps generally have a lower initial investment compared to boom pumps. The cost of a line concrete pump can range from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. AIMIX line concrete pump prices range from $24000 to $52000.

Besides, the choice between them also depends on the specific requirements of the construction project. Factors such as the size of the project, accessibility of the construction site, height and distance of concrete placement, and the need for precise concrete delivery influence the selection of the appropriate pump type. If you need professional advice, please get in touch with AIMIX sales for consultation. Contact us through the following form. Or email and call our sales directly. Then we will reply to you soonest.

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