What is Self Loading Mixer? Its Difference with Concrete Mixer

What is self loading mixer? What’s the difference with a concrete mixer? Many people may have these questions on the equipment if they are not familiar with it.

What is Self Loading Mixer

Indeed, since the rapid development of concrete mixing technology, the self loading mixer have emerged as an innovative construction machinery technology in the construction industry. The self loader mixer has attracted much attention for its unique design and advanced functions, especially in the fields of concrete mixing and transportation. First, I introduce you what the self loading mixer is.

What is Self Loading Mixer? – Unique Loading Function

  • The self loading mixer is a special type of concrete mixer truck. It is equipment that can achieve the self weighing, loading, batching, mixing, and transporting at the construction sites. Compared with the ordinary concrete mixer trucks, its outstanding feature is the automatic loading system.
  • This type of self loading mixer for sale is designed to carry out the independent loading of raw materials at the job site, usually including cement, sand, aggregate and water required for concrete preparation.
  • It can realize a higher degree of autonomy through automatic loading systems, making the concrete mixing and transportation process more efficient and convenient.

Self Loading Concrete Materials
Self Loading Materials On-site
loading materials when working

Apart from its unique function, other functions and characteristics are also attractive for global clients. Let’s learn more about its functions and characteristics below.

Characteristics of Self Loading Mixture

User-friendly Operating Interface

In order to enhance operational convenience, the self loading mixer is equipped with a large user-friendly screen. And the operators can easily navigate through the various functions of the self loading mobile concrete mixer. It can streamlining the operation process and improving work efficiency.

operating screen of weighing system

Automatic loading system

The advanced automatic loading system can independently complete the loading of raw materials at the work site.The system typically includes robotic arms or other devices that autonomously load concrete raw materials from a stockpile site into the mixing drum.

Self-contained Concrete Mixing

The mixer drum of self loading mixer can ensure that concrete maintains a uniform state during transportation. The self mixing feature contributes to improving the quality of concrete and avoiding issues like layering or clumping. There is a working video of self loading mixer mixing concrete on-site:

High Flexibility

The self loading mixer machine is typically designed as highly maneuverable vehicles, capable of navigating with ease in various types of construction sites and terrains. Thus, it can operate flexibly in urban construction sites, road construction areas, and other construction projects. The following video shows See how self loading mixers work and move in rough terrain:

Therefore, many clients have attractive by its characteristics like above shown. It is more advanced than the traditional concrete mixers. Let’s take a look together at where it excels compared to traditional mixers. What are the main differences?

The Main Differences Between Self Loading Mixers and Traditional Concrete Mixers

In the earlier explanation, we’ve explored the features of the self-loading mixer. To better comprehend the comparison, let’s first introduce what the traditional concrete mixer is. This will offer a clearer understanding before we proceed to the comparative analysis.

Traditional Concrete Mixers – Will Be Eliminated

The design and working principle of traditional concrete mixers are relatively simple. It mainly relies on operators to manually control the concrete mixing and transportation process.

It consists of a mixing barrel (drum), a built-in mixing device, like spiral, an engine to provide power, and a chassis to support the entire structure.

During operation, the operator needs to master the various functions of the mixer and complete the mixing and transportation of concrete through manual operation.

In general, it is typically used in smaller and simpler construction projects and concrete preparation tasks.

Traditional Concrete Mixers Will Be Eliminated By Times

Main Differences Between Them

Here I have listed the main aspects when comparing the self loading mixer with the traditional concrete mixers as follows:

Self Loading Mixer Traditional Concrete Mixer
Mobility High Low
Loading Material Self Loading Manual Loading
Weighing scale Yes No
Self batching Yes No
Transportation Yes No
Operational Mode Automatic Manual
Manual Labors Only one 5~7 people
Cost High Low

Traditional Concrete Mixers
Traditional Concrete Mixers
self loading mixers
Self Loading Mixers
  • Material Loading

    For the conventional concrete mixers, the loading of raw materials into the drum is usually done manually using a loader or conveyor belt. Conversely, the self-loading mixers streamline this process through the automated use of their integrated loading mechanism.

  • Transportation Capability

    The mixer beton self loading is engineered for both mixing and transportation purposes. It can be relocated to different positions on the construction site, while traditional concrete mixers are often fixed and require separate transportation for concrete delivery.

  • Batching Precision

    There is a weighing scale on the self loading transit mixer. It can automatically control the concrete mix ratio through setting the volume of aggregate. Accurate weighing can improve batching precision. However, the traditional concrete mixer need to weigh separately before batch mixing.

  • Efficiency and Productivity

    The self-loading feature of the mixer allows for continuous operation, minimizing the downtime between batches. Therefore, it can results in increased efficiency and higher productivity compared to traditional concrete mixer machines, which may experience interruptions during the whole loading process.

  • Manual Costs

    The self loading mixer for sale takes only one operator to control the working and transportation process. It needn’t extra manual to manually load and transport the materials. However, the traditional concrete mixer often require many humans to manually add raw materials into the blender, which increases the need for manual labor.

  • Equipment Costs

    Initial investment costs for self loading mixer may be higher due to the integrated loading system and advanced features. Therefore, the self loading mixer price is more competitive in the market. While, the traditional ones may have a lower initial cost, but additional equipment for loading and potentially higher operating costs could be factors to consider.

In conclusion, self loading mixer offer a compelling solution for construction projects that require efficient, flexible, and mobile concrete mixing. The overall advantages make self loading mixer a preferred choice in many construction scenarios. By investing in self loading concrete mixers, construction companies can enhance productivity, save time and costs, and achieve superior concrete quality, leading to successful project outcomes.

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