Working Site of AS-3.5 Self Loading Transit Mixer in Jambi, Indonesia

One unit of AIMIX AS-3.5 self-loader mixer started to work normally at the construction site. The site is located in Jambi, Indonesia. After testing and debugging successfully, it was put into use for foundation construction on-site. The customer has taken some pictures and videos during the working process. Check them below.

AS-3.5 self loading mixer working in Jambi, Indonesia
self loader mixer for foundation construction in Jambi, Indonesia

AS-3.5 Self Loader Mixer for Foundation Construction in Jambi

1. The customer bought an AIMIX self loader mixer for his foundation construction project in Jambi, Indonesia. Before deciding to purchase from us, he has come to one of AIMIX self loading mixer construction sites for visiting.

2. After visiting, he was satisfied with the working status of our self loader mixer. Then he contacted our sales for advice. Our sales advised him to purchase the AS-3.5 model, which can satisfy his construction demands totally.

3. Then he took the advice and decided to buy one without hesitation. After the mixer arrived at the construction site, AIMIX arranged for local engineers to install and test the equipment.

Widely Applications of AIMIX Self Loading Mixer in Indonesia Market

Since 2019, AIMIX has exported over 50 units of self loading mixer trucks to the Indonesian market. The customers mainly buy the self loading mixer in Indonesia for rural and urban construction projects, such as houses, buildings, harbors, slope protection construction, and road construction. Here are some working videos of them in different cities in Indonesia. Check them below.

1. AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer and ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump for Warehouse Construction in Manado

2. AS-3.5 Self Loader Concrete Mixer Working in Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Any interested in AIMIX self loading mixer, welcome to consult our sales directly through the following chart, email, tel, and WhatsApp. Then we would reply to you in 6 hours.

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